Lucy – Lucy’s Gift For Berrymeade

Lucy’s pedigree here

DOB : 20.11.2012, Ireland

Hip Score: 5:4

Elbow Score: 0:0

Eye Cert: clear (April 2018)

GR_PRA1 & GR_PRA2 : clear (tested)

ICT: carrier

Lucy is our first golden retriever, she joined our family in February 2013 not long after we moved to Ireland. Lucy was probably the easiest puppy to train, she never chewed anything in the house (except from her bed, but she was just telling us she didn’t like it), she never had a problem with staying on her own – well, she was never alone as her best friend – cat Felek – was always keeping her company (they grew up together). Lucy is without a doubt the sweetest golden retriever on the planet, so eager to please, so gentle and loving that it is almost impossible! We started showing her in May 2013, but we soon realised it wasn’t a place for her. We also soon realised that learning new tricks, obedience training and agility is her biggest love, she absolutely adores her agility training sessions. Lucy had her first litter of 11 healthy puppies in late October 2014, she was a fantastic mother.